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    Della Van Hise

Only after Morgan Diego is exiled from Galaxy Corps as the result of a political blunder does he begin to realize the depth of the feelings he has for his second in command - the mysterious Lucien who is as much elfen as human.  Alone and broken, Morgan must fight his way back to the life he lived and the man he loved.

"A superbly-crafted love story exploring the depths of the human and alien heart."
-Jackson Porter, Independent Reviewer


    Morgan felt himself crash to the ground as Lucien’s powerful body wrestled him into the colorful carpet of fallen leaves and fresh black soil.  He was peripherally aware of Vanya shouting something from a distance, but as he rolled and squirmed with Lucien on top of him, he caught only a glimpse of the Starling’s resident shrink being held in check by two powerful Alfarian guards.  Other voices were shouting, or maybe it was singing.  With Alfarians, it was sometimes difficult to know the difference.

            All Morgan knew in that moment was Lucien’s lean and unrelenting hands around his neck, strangling the life out of him as if they were long-time enemies instead of confidants and friends. His senses dimmed.  And suddenly the world was going dark, the arms of Mother Forest reaching out to welcome him even though he was a stranger there.  In death, he would exist forever within the Spirit of the trees, the rain, the earth… all the things which comprised the totality of the forest itself.

            It was almost a comfort.

            But just as his eyes were about to close, something he could not explain gave him one final burst of strength with which to fight.  And yet, as he looked up into the mad whirlpools of Lucien’s black eyes, he knew he didn’t want to fight this man.  He certainly didn’t want to harm him, even to save his own life.  And so Morgan did the only thing that felt right in that moment – though it was quite probably the most insane and unpredictable thing he had ever done in the course of his career.  Indeed, in the course of his entire life.

            With the last shred of strength, he simply commanded his body to go slack, unresisting, in total surrender.  The immediate result was not unlike what happens when one man lets go of his end of the rope in a tug-of-war.  Lucien fell forward on top of him, their bodies chest to chest, abdomen to abdomen, cheek to cheek… man to man.

            The fight went out of him.

            And that was when, without any predetermination, Morgan took the tormented face between his hands and pressed his lips to the trembling mouth in a kiss as intimate as any he had ever shared with a lover.

            Time stopped.  The forest itself did not move or breathe.

            It was a kiss to break a spell, Morgan heard some distant voice within himself explain.  It was the kiss of the prince to cast off the dark magick of the evil princess who had bewitched Lucien.

            And he felt no shame in that kiss despite the even more distant sounds of gasps, a little shriek which might have been a sound of delight coming from Lucien’s mother, and finally a heartfelt burst of cheers and applause from the primarily Alfarian audience of onlookers.  Maybe it even made sense.  The Alfarians loved their traditions and their myths and their mysticism, so maybe it stood to reason that they would approve of a strange foreigner who had the power to break such an evil spell with such a profound and forbidden kiss...

            Morgan Diego did not exist.  At least not as he had perceived himself to be.

            Images of Lucien continued to haunt his memory.  In his mind's eye, he saw the two of them wrestling on the lush floor of Mother Forest, playing poker long into the night, taking leisurely walks together on the shores of far-flung worlds on shared leaves. And then there was the kiss.  That kiss.  At the time, Morgan had patted himself on the back as a reward for his own cleverness.  All in a day’s work.  Just a quirky aspect of command training.  When all else fails, do the last thing anybody anywhere would expect.  Only this time, he realized he was the one caught with his pants down.  He was the one who had fallen under the spell.  Not some bit of Alfarian magick, but a very human kind of spell. 

            A love spell that burst open like some nasty nova the moment he touched his lips to Lucien’s in the presence of so many self-important witnesses.  And now there was no going back.  Not just metaphorically but literally.  No going home.  No picking up where things left off. 

            So much was left unfinished, Morgan thought morosely.  And now, unless he could learn to shield against the Mizarians every second of every hour of every day, those unfinished things would remain forever a mystery. 

            Weary and tired, he turned onto his side, burying his face into the hard pillow and trying to ignore the ache which had settled in the vicinity of his heart.  Who am I? he wondered. 

            There was no answer, for whoever he had been pretending to be had died that very afternoon in the training arena.  What was left, he realized, was the raw matter of whatever he might be tomorrow.

            And even as he reached toward sleep, Lucien's face haunted him, and half-forgotten phrases and never-spoken words of love were shared.  Promises were sworn, allegiances formed.  The word 'forever' was mentioned more than once.

            And yet, Morgan knew, forever was little more than a dream.  He wanted to believe it would happen; yet some dark, undisciplined, unfaithful corner of his mind knew it wouldn't.  And there he was again, face to face with the stark, cold, relentless difference between belief and knowledge.  For another thing was also painfully clear:  for as long as he believed he could never go back, that was the dominant reality, the quantum manifestation of every thought he would think, every action he would take.  Another thing he had learned and learned well from Myrddin:  “Each of us creates our own reality, which we either inhabit or abandon, depending entirely on our intent.” 

            Intent.  He tumbled the word through his mind, trying to define it in relation to himself.  Intent.  What was it?  Where was it located in the confines of the mind, body or spirit? 

            Sleep moved a step closer, and he longed for the dark forgetfulness which would accompany his rest.  He was peripherally aware of a weight settling on the edge of his bunk, but explained it away as the preamble to a now-common dream wherein he shared bed and body with a friend he would never see again.

            But this time, the dream continued with surprising realism.  Morgan felt himself turned, taken into powerful arms, felt powerful Alfarian fingers caressing his cheeks, running lightly through his hair.  He was cradled in a protective embrace, his head resting on a cooler-than-human shoulder, his face buried in the other's neck.

            Throughout the long void-night, he was held.  He was loved – gently, carefully, reverently.  His mind seemed to have flown away, scattered in a thousand different directions and, abandoning pride and male attitudes he'd clung to fiercely in the past, he accepted the fact that he wanted the anonymity which came with this peculiar incubus' loving.  He wanted to be sheltered and protected, caressed and worshipped.  He even wanted to be taken – to have the burden of conscious choice removed by one more physically powerful than himself...

97,000 words
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