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The K/S Classic

Naked Times was originally published by Alexis Fegan Black.  Its run spanned the years from 1978 - 1994, featuring authors such as Leslie Fish, Gayle Feyrer, Natasha Solten & Dovya Blacque.  Don't miss this award-winning anthology!  All zines are photocopies made from the original masters. 


Naked Times #1


DREAMWEAVER by Christopher Randolph

This is the story of Christine Chapel and what happens when she brings a seemingly innocuous looking "cube" aboard the Enterprise.  The "dreamweaver" does indeed manifest dreams, but with a certain inattention to the wishes of the dreamer.


A MATTER OF TRUST by Crystal Ann Taylor

How much do Kirk and Spock trust one another when other people become involved in their professional lives?



This is the 2nd in Teri's trilogy; the 1st story, "Hour of Lead", appeared in THRUST.  This is one possibility of how Kirk and Spock might deal with the pon farr… and how it will ultimately affect their continued relationship.


ECHOES by Alexis Fegan Black

This is the 1st part of the OUTWORLDS series.  ECHOES deals with the "first time" in the K/S relationship.  After Kirk and Spock have been trapped on an isolated world for over a year, tempers flare… and lead to far more interesting discoveries.


PLUS WORK BY Linda Frankel, Leslie Fish, Toni Cardinal-Price, C.C. Cain, Terry Todzonia, Ellen L. Kobrin, Pat Stall, Wanda Butts, Kathy Carlson, Amy Harlib, Gordon Carleton, Merle Decker and more.


Original Publication date:  1978
132 pgs - Cover by Pat Stall


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Naked Times #2


THOUGH THIS BE MADNESS by Alexis Fegan Black

A "prequel" to the novella, "A Question of Balance".  Essentially MADNESS is the story of how the "dark" Mirror Spock comes to have a certain desire for the Kirk of "our" universe.  By manipulating Time, Space and Destiny, that Spock enters Kirk's reality… and begins to make a few changes in Kirk's original way of thinking.  Of course, "our" Spock has other ideas…



While not strictly a K/S story, Leslie's sense of humor and excellent ability to tell a story make this one a delight to read and give a new view of Kirk's womanizing past.


DESERT HEAT by Gayle Feyrer

The first in Gayle's "Cosmic Fuck" series.  One of the very first pon farr stories told in realistic detail, with an attention to fact and fantasy as well.  Gayle's illos add the finishing touch to this "must" for any serious K/S reader!



A "Mirror" K/S story dealing with the feelings, the characters and the reality of how a K/S relationship might exist in the mirror universe.  Illustrated by Pat Stall.


OUTWORLDS Part II by Alexis Fegan Black


PLUS WORK BY Gene A. Smith, Christine Thomas, Ellen Kobrin, Maggie S. Hart, Sally A. Syrjala, Merlin Adams, Dayle Palko, Fiona James, Eileen Roy, Christopher Randolph, Michael Verina, Wanda Butts, Virginia Lee Smith, Gayle Feyrer, Germaine Lewis, Julie Osborne, Pat Stall, Merle Decker and more.


Original Publication date: 1979
166 pages -  Cover by Pat Stall

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Naked Times #3


DOUBLE VISION by Alexis Fegan Black

Part III of OUTWORLDS, this story introduces the concepts of xenophobia within Starfleet -- the idea that perhaps a few high-ranking officials still haven't learned to control their instinctive fear of that which they do not understand.  These prejudices come to disrupt the lives of Kirk and Spock -- personally as well as professionally -- and their very existence is threatened, as well as the existence of Starfleet as they know it…


THIS DEADLY INNOCENCE (Or The End of the Hurt/Comfort Syndrome) by Leslie Fish

This exquisite, classic novella details just why Kirk and Spock have so many unfortunate accidents in the so-called "line-of-duty".  Once McCoy discovers their dark secret, they are sent on an extended leave to the planet Lilliput -- a world where everything exists in miniature… and where accidents are relatively impossible.  Needless to say, the two accident-prone culprits must learn to deal with this -- and to deal with their own feelings as well.  Illustrated by Leslie.


KIRK'S DEFENSE by Natasha Solten

A reply to Leslie Fish's "Lester's Complaint" from NT #2!


THE LORATH by Ray Newton

A beautifully written story detailing what might happen if Spock should "happen" to find himself in a pre-Reform Vulcan era -- a world where slavery was common, even revered… and where he himself feels far more at peace with his hybrid nature than in the world of Starfleet.  But… Kirk is compelled to follow his fleeing companion into a world where he is truly unskilled and unprotected… and fair game for slavers who seek to exploit his unusual qualities.


ALSO WORK BY Linda Frankel, Maggie S. Hart, Crystal Ann Taylor, Ellen Kobrin, Christine Thomas, Merlin Adams, D. Booker, Diane Jeffords, Pamela S. Rose, Ruth Kurz, Toni Cardinal-Price, Fiona James and more.

Original Publication Date: 1979
167 pgs - Cover by Pat Stall


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Naked Times #4/5



This is a very poignant and touching story concerning Spock's trek to Gol -- and how it affected those he left behind.  Told through the eyes of Leonard McCoy, it traces the lingering effects Spock's departure has had on Kirk.  One of the first Gol stories, it is truly inspired and beautifully written.


WHAT OTHER CHOICE by Joy Mancinelli

What occurs when Kirk and Spock are separated through professional avenues in order to pursue slightly different paths?  This gives us a look at the effects absence has on the hearts and minds… and whether any relationship can withstand professional commitments which were made before a relationship began.


POSSESSED by Ray Newton

One of the most surprising K/S stories ever to be written.  A tightly controlled plot set in the mirror universe leads us to believe on thing… when another thing entirely is really transpiring.  Twists and turns -- sexy and sometimes frustrating!



This is the story of imprisonment on an alien world -- with Kirk being at the mercy of his truly alien captors.  This is an exploration of Kirk's character in a slightly different way -- giving him room to grow, and perhaps enough reason to express those emotions which some fans think him incapable of expressing!  A story of sacrifice and reunion, joy and sorrow.


ALL YE WHO ENTER HERE by Keith Donovan

Part IV of the OUTWORLD series which appeared in NT #1-#3.  This installment finally delivers Kirk to the dreaded outworlds -- a series of asteroids perfect for the purpose of holding high-ranking Starfleet officers captive… officers who know too much… officers who do not always abide by the wishes of their superior officers who might one day find out about the existence of the Outworlds and destroy them once and for all.  A K/S story with many different twists and turns… and a series of secrets which lead Kirk back to a childhood other than the one he once remembered.


ALSO WORK BY Vel Jaeger, Pamela S. Rose, Ray & Sandy Newton, Mary Smith, Jimmye Galli, Wendy Rathbone, Rosemary Callahan, Merlin Adams, Dovya Blacque, Susan Wyllie, Gene Delapenia, Alexis Fegan Black, Sharon Fetter.

Original Publication Date:  1983
220pgs+ - Double Issue - Cover by Mike Verina


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A "fantasy" story set in the DREAMS OF THE SLEEPERS universe.  This is an exploration of a gentle master and a slave who requires no bonds to prove his love and loyalties.


PROPHECY by Robin Hood

On Vulcan it is said that to ignore prophecy is to invite danger.  When Spock is called back to Vulcan, his personal wishes and mystical insight into the future create a schism between destiny and cultural pressures.


TIME IN A BOTTLE by Alexis Fegan Black

What is this thing we humans call "Time"?  Is it nothing more than an entity which feeds on Death, an entity which permits a few short years of life before snatching us too soon from the realms of the living?  And, if so, is Time a bitch who can be beaten?



Told in the 1st person, this delightful story details Kirk's "problems" as seen through Spock's eyes when the captain is taken captive and injected with massive amounts of an aphrodisiac.  Just for fun, this is a delightful look into how Vulcans might view the human kind of pon farr…


ALSO WORK BY Dovya Blacque, Brendi Hobart, Zetta M.A. Hopkins, Kathy Resch, Donna Rose Vanderlaan, Shamara, Sharon Fetter, Natasha Solten, Jimmye Galli, C.D. Mamaril and many more.


Original Publication Date: 1985
110 Pgs - Cover by Jaeger


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Naked Times #7



After Spock's return from Death, he and Kirk must spend several weeks with the healers on Vulcan.  A delightful story with thought-provoking ideas and new slants on Sarek, Kirk, Spock, etc.


SNOW MELD by Elwyn Conway

When Kirk and Spock are stranded on a planet entering its ice age, a finicky transporter gives them time to think of their past, of the feelings long-hidden… and of a future which might never exist.


TO SERVE by A.T. Bush

A slave story with a different slant.  A glimpse into Kirk's ability to bargain with the devil, and into the devil's ability to command a fallen star.


PAST, PRESENT… AND  ALWAYS by Alexis Fegan Black

This story begins with a young Jim Kirk visiting a fortune teller at a traveling carnival in his home town.  She makes several predictions… one of which a brash young man dismisses, perhaps because it does not coincide with his own images of a starship commander.  But time wears on and Madame Cassandra's predictions begin to take on an uncanny reality… until the day that Kirk's first officer innocently suggests passing a day of shore leave at a circus with oddly familiar tents and creatures…


ALSO WORK BY Robin Hood, Dovya Blacque, Sharon Fetter, Rachel Abbot, Donna Rose Vanderlaan, D. Booker, Natasha Solten, JoAnn Marek, Keith Donovan and more.


Original Publication Date: 1985
134 Pgs - Cover by Jaeger


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Naked Times #8


DAY FOR NIGHT by Alexis Fegan Black

Kirk jumped, damming himself for the melancholy and preoccupation with the past.  Isn't that the way it's supposed to be, Jim, old boy? a nagging thought whispered.  When you start getting old, you're expected to surround yourself with antiques and tell the same stories over and over.  You're well on your way, now aren't you?  His eyes closed, and he gave himself a mental command to let it go.  Looking to Spock, he managed a weak smile, grateful to have the Vulcan's company during this time when things were so much closer to the end that the beginning…


FANTASIES by Kathleen Resch

Certainly, a dream had caused this.  Perhaps Spock had thought of cool water and, in his enormous need, an enormous quantity had been created.  He had so little control left.  Bits and pieces of visions paraded across the sky, upon the ground, around him.  Zarabeth's gray eyes, proud breasts flaunting themselves before him; Leila's cool blondeness, the Romulan Commander's emeralds lips…  Yet the visions vanished in fragments, torn pieces blow away in the wind…



"Spock, are you trying to tell me you don't have an imagination?"

"I am attempting to tell you, Captain, that 'imagination' is contrary to the laws of logic.  And logic tells me that the temperature of these stones upon which we are sitting is not conducive to--"

"I've got an idea.  We'll weave some fantasies for each other."


"Fantasies, my dear Mr. Spock.  Fantasies."

"I do not understand…"


ALSO WORK BY Robin Hood, A.T. Bush, Marilyn Cole, Tere Ann Roderick, Bonnie Guyan, Merle Decker, Faris Vincent, JoAnn Marek, Gayle Feyrer, Dovya Blacque, Rachel Abbot, Carol Pierce, Natasha Solten, Ann Crouch and more.

Original Publication Date: 1986
142 pgs - Cover by Marilyn Cole


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Naked Times #9

     Special Metaphysical issue!



"The contents of this silken sachet, good sir," whispered the merchant as though imparting a closely guarded secret, "come from the high hills of a planet deep in the Romulan sector -- a planet which, alas," he sighed dramatically for effect; Kirk could not help admiring his sales pitch, "is no more."  He shook his head sadly.

"Sun went nova?" Kirk asked skeptically.  He had heard a few similar sales pitches in his tine.  They were generally the precursor's of a hefty price tag.

"How did you know?"  The merchant sounded startled.


DOPPLEGANGER by Alexis Fegan Black

   The pseudo-Spock sighed, causing Kirk to meet the penetrating black eyes framed by shoulder-length hair.  "You must not accept the promotion to the admiralty."

   Kirk blinked.  "Wh-what?"

   The doppelganger inclined his head.  "As I am from the future, I have access to certain… knowledge," he stated quietly.

   "Knowledge… about the future," Kirk said to himself.  "About the way things… our lives… will happen…"


BEQUEATHED by Carol A. Pierce

   "You claim to be able to prove the existence of reincarnation," Spock began.

   "To the point and quite honestly," the Seeress said, "I claim only what is.  I have proven reincarnation as a means of growth for all beings.  Each being is a composite, Spock, a result of all they have been or will be…"


SHADOWS IN THE RAIN by Arlan Symons in which a strange mental connection develops between Spock and a human who looks remarkably like him… a human who claims to be an actor playing the part of an alien named… Spock…


AND WORK BY Andrea Arat, Donna Rose Vanderlaan, Angel C. Soie, Jenny Starr, Tere Ann Roderick, Robin Hood, Dovya Blacque, Alta, Linda Frankel, Sharon Fetter, Wendy Rathbone, Keith Donovan, Ann Crouch, Merle Decker, Gayle Feyrer, Carol Pierce, Dragon, Jaeger and more.

Original Publication Date: 1986
168 pgs - Cover by Marilyn Cole


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Naked Times #10



  "Another wager?" The Romulan, Telonne, looked interested.

  "You and I," Spock agreed.  "One game.  The old-fashioned, single-level chess game.  I will wager an entire mission if you will wager the slave you no longer want."

  Telonne seemed dubious.  "I don't know."

   "It would be no loss to you, as he will undoubtedly be killed anyway," Spock pointed out.  "I hold no restrictions on that.  If I end up with a dead human, you still receive your million credits."


EVOCATION by Carol A. Pierce

   McCoy's fears were eased as he watched the cat lick Kirk's hand with a large tongue.  The great claws were sheathed, and McCoy recalled how the cat had come to rescue him against the boar on the planet's surface.  "Guess he's safe enough, Jim, but… be careful."

  Kirk nodded, but continued to hold the paw as he began talking tot he animal.  "Do you recognize me?  Do you… recognize my voice?"

  The cat opened its eyes wider and blinked, then withdrew its paw from Kirk's hold and gently swiped the lock of hair which fell over the captain's forehead.

   "Well I'll be," McCoy said incredulously.  "That just about proves it for me, Jim…"


IN ENEMY HANDS by Alexis Fegan Black

   "It was the first time I had been alone in my father's house," Spock recalled.  "Initially, my sense of curiosity was sufficient to distract me from the normal routine of study and meditation.  However," he added, looking through the stardome, "as darkness fell and the house became silent, I grew more aware of my own… aloneness."  He paused again, sighing heavily.  "I sat by the front window in my father's study, in the chair behind his desk. And for many hours I stared out into the desert, allowing my thoughts to create what would undoubtedly be labeled 'fantasies' by humans."  His lips tightened.  "I was six then."

   Kirk smiled wistfully, easily able to picture the scene.  "Go on," he urged.

   "In those few hours, Jim," Spock continued presently, "I came to understand that each creature is a solitary unit -- existing solely within the confines of its own subjective experience.  For those few hours, I was overwhelmed with feeling -- with the absolute knowledge that even the experience I was enduring could never be shared, never be understood by anyone else."  His eyes were bright, distant.  "It was the awakening of the Self," he added in a mere whisper…


ALSO WORK BY Dovya Blacque, Robin Hood, Donna Rose Vanderlaan, Ann Crouch, Shellie Whild, Dragon, Maxwell, Jaeger, Donovan, Zoost and more.

Original Publication Date: 1986
146 pgs - Cover by Gayle Feyrer


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Naked Times #11


THE PLEASURE by Mara-Lyn Cade

A sequel to THE PRIZE detailing the lives of the slave-Kirk and his bonded warrior-mate, Spock.


THE COCKSMAN by Jenny Starr

The winner of the NAKED TIMES writing contest!  One of the best-written, most intense K/S stories in years!


IN DOUBT OF SUNRISE by Keith Donovan

The only menage a trois story ever to appear in NAKED TIMES!  A story we think even the most adamant anti-menage fans will enjoy.  K/S/Starfleet intelligence!


CABIN PRESSURE by Alexis Fegan Black

   "We have enough oxygen for approximately thirteen days, twelve hours and twenty-seven minutes," Spock recited efficiently, trying not to translate the statement into the death sentence it was.  "That is, of course, providing we attempt to conserve the shuttlecraft's atmosphere by sleeping more and employing controlled breathing techniques."

   Kirk stared at the Vulcan, blinked and stared again.  Spock had such a way with words when discussing the inevitability of their own demise.  He glanced at the viewer, caught the stars laughing at him, then returned his gaze to Spock.  "Why?"

   One brow lifted.  "Sir?"

   Kirk smiled faintly, wistfully.  "Why… prolong it?" he clarified.  Now, more than ever, he wanted, needed, to talk…


ALSO WORK BY Pam Smith, Tere Ann Roderick, Carlin Rae Throne, DVS, Natasha Solten, Dovya Blacque, Gene S. Delapenia, Wendy Rathbone, Robin Hood, Karn Wills, Sandee Maxwell, Marilyn Cole, Gayle Feyrer, Jacquelyn Zoost, Chiya, Shellie Whild, Vel Jaeger, Dragon

Original Publication Date: 1986
152 pgs - Cover by Marilyn Cole


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