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Della Van Hise
Who are we?

We are pleased to offer the editorial services of Della Van Hise and Wendy Rathbone - each professionally published with extensive hands-on editing, writing and publishing experience spanning over 30 years.  This is your opportunity to work with some of the most skilled professionals in the field to transform your manuscript into the very best it can be.

Della Van Hise is the author of the Star Trek novel, Killing Time, as well as the award-winning vampire novel, Sons of Neverland.  She has also written dozens of other books and short stories under a variety of pseudonyms. Della's non-fiction credits include, among others, Quantum Shaman. As editor and publisher, Della has produced over 40 novels and anthologies, working with many writers who have entered into successful professional careers.

Wendy Rathbone is an award-winning poet and a winner in the prestigious Writers of the Future contest.  As an editor and publisher, her credits include no less than 40 anthologies and collections, including the highly-acclaimed novels Letters To An Android and Pale Zenith.


Our Mission
In evaluating your manuscript, our goal is to help you identify your strengths as a writer, while simultaneously working to correct any weaknesses in the submitted work.  Ultimately, we attempt to provide the writer with observations, commentary and potential alternatives that can turn an ordinary manuscript into a truly memorable one - and a potentially saleable one!  While we cannot guarantee publication, we can promise to assist you in creating a manuscript that will get the attention of potential agents and publishers.  Our comments and suggestions are always constructive, never harsh or mean-spirited.



What We Can Do
The types of manuscripts we prefer to work with are fiction, including but not limited to romance, gay romance, paranormal, vampire, metaphysical, erotica (gay or heterosexual), science fiction, fantasy, mysteries, young adult, adventure, literary and most generic novels.  While we are willing to evaluate historical novels, we are not historians, so we cannot provide historically-accurate modifications. Occasionally, we also work with non-fiction, primarily in the fields of new age, metaphysical, occult, paranormal and spiritual.  Other genres considered on request - you can always
Email for details with any questions. 


How It Works
We prefer manuscripts to be in Word.doc format or plain text.  If submitting in plain text, your manuscript will be converted to MS Word for editing & evaluation.  At the present time, we prefer only email submissions.

Manuscript evaluation consists of commentary & observation only.  We will add detailed comments in the margins of your manuscript, so you will know exactly where changes may be required. We do not re-write your manuscript, but give you constructive criticism which will enable you to make only the changes you deem reasonable.  We are not proofreading your manuscript at this stage (missing commas, misspellings, line editing, etc.) While we will point out obvious errors if we see them, proofreading is available as a separate service after your manuscript has been evaluated and re-written.  (see below)


How long does the process take?
From the time your manuscript and initial deposit are received, you may expect to wait anywhere from 2-12 weeks, depending on our work load.  We will be happy to provide you with a wait-time estimate at the time of submission.  We also offer a rush service which places your manuscript at the top of the list (second only to others who have paid for rush service).  Rush service is an additional $100 and will reduce your wait time by half.  If we are seriously over-booked, you will be informed and your rush service fee will be refunded. 


Now What?
After you have completed your manuscript and edited it to the best of your own ability, email us to schedule a thorough evaluation of your work.  If possible, include with your initial email a brief synopsis (what is it about and who is your main character?).  Also, if possible, include the first 5 pages of the work so we can 1) test it for compatibility with our software; and 2) so that we may determine if we feel we can be of assistance.  In most cases, we are able to truly assist writers at any stage of their career - whether beginning or advanced.  There are, of course, rare occasions when a manuscript may simply be irredeemable, and if that is the case, we don't want to take your money and you will be (gently) guided toward various books & websites that may assist in improving your writing skills.  No shame, no embarrassment.  We all start somewhere and, if we are willing to learn and grow, we improve as writers and as storytellers.  If you are accepted for evaluation, you will be notified and an invoice will be sent. (See below)


Rates & Payment

Manuscript Evaluation
35,000 words or less: $250.
35,000+ up to 75,000 words: $475.
75,000+ up to 125,000 words: $600
Over 125,000 words: email us with your word count for price quote

* Proofreading and Line Editing
35,000 words or less: $150.
35,000+ up to 75,000 words: $250.
75,000+ up to 125,000 words: $400
Over 125,000 words: email us with your word count for price quote

* What is proofreading and line-editing?  In this service, your manuscript will be checked for punctuation, proper paragraphing, grammar, spelling and minor inconsistencies (e.g. such as calling your character "Jack" in one paragraph, and "Jake" in the next).  No evaluation or commentary will be offered.  We recommend the proofreading service only for manuscripts that have already been edited and are otherwise ready to be submitted to an agent or publisher.  This is the final step in all manuscript preparation - and a very necessary step it is!  While no human being can guarantee to catch all errors, our accuracy rating is well over 98%.

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