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Prince of Umberlight
Alexis Fegan Black
A return to the author's roots in dark male/male erotica!

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Sons of Neverland
A tale of two vampires
by Della Van Hise

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Year of the Ram
A space-faring gay romance
by Della Van Hise

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The Foundling
A Contemporary Gay Romance
by Wendy Rathbone

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New! At last we know the secret we've all been waiting to learn!

The Lostling
Book 3 in
"The Foundling" Trilogy
by Wendy Rathbone

Available in print or digital
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The Star Trek fanzines on this site were originally produced by Alexis Fegan Black and Natasha Solten, from 1978 through 1994. 

These zines are considered classics and feature some of the finest male/male gay erotica ever written, including many fan fiction stories by writers who have since turned pro, including Della Van Hise, author of the controversial Star Trek novel, Killing Time.

If you enjoy gay romance, male/male, bromance erotica & gay love stories, you've come to the right place.



Why Buy FanZines...
when I can get fan fic fer free online?

What you may not realize is that some of the very best K/S was written and produced long before the internet and fan fiction archives.  For that reason, the vast majority of the material on this site was never stored on disk, and is available only in fanzine format. 


Now available electronically or as a 6x9" trade paperback! book! One reviewer said... "Not just good gay romance, but good storytelling, too!"

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The Foundling
by Wendy Rathbone

$2.99 PDF via email


What is a fanzine?

"Fanzine" is short for fan-magazine - meaning that these novels & anthologies were produced entirely by fans of the genre they represent.  Fanzines exist in all genres, but in STAR TREK, fanzines became something of an institution, and ran the gamut from "genzine" (general fiction) to K/S (exploring a gay relationship between Kirk and Spock.)  Another term for this type of writing is "fan fiction."

You must be 18 or older to order ANY zines from FANZINES PLUS.COM!  Most of our zines feature adult content fan fiction, including that which depicts a gay relationship between Kirk and Spock.  If you are not at least 18, or if you object to adult material, do not order from us.  By placing your order through PayPal or through any other method of payment, you affirm that you are, in fact, 18 or older and that you understand the nature of the material you are buying.  


Star Trek Fan Fiction
(All K/S "slash" unless otherwise noted)

Multi-Media Fan Fiction
(All "slash" unless otherwise noted)

Professional Novels & Collections
M/M = male/male
Het = heterotica/romance
Bi = gay/straight & everything in between

NAKED TIMES     Page 1  2  3

WISEGUY: THE WAR INSIDE Sons of Neverland by Della Van Hise
 (M/M, vampire, dark fantasy) 
K/S Novels of Alexis Fegan Black BLAKE'S 7
Avon the Terrible (gen), Raising Hell(gen)
Resistance (slash)
Year of the Ram by Della Van Hise
(M/M, sci-fi, gay romance)
Other K/S Novels & Anthologies
Off Duty, Otherwhere/Otherwhen, Fever,
The 25th Year, Against All Odds
  The Foundling by Wendy Rathbone
(M/M, contemporary gay romance)
Short Stories of Alexis Fegan Black   The Secret Sharer by Wendy Rathbone
(M/M, novelette)
Misc. K/S Novels & Collections
Icefire, The Way Home, The Long & Winding Road, Oath of Bondage, The Sound of Rain, One Night Stand 1-4/5


Pale Zenith by Wendy Rathbone
A mind-bending sci-fi novel
The Prince
A K/S novel by Natasha Solten
  Coyote by Della Van Hise
A sci-fi novel of love, honor & sacrifice
K/S anthologies edited by Natasha Solten
  Unearthly by Wendy Rathbone
(A collection of award-winning poetry - dark fantasy, vampire, horror)
Daring Attempt
K/S anthologies edited by Natasha Solten
  Prince of Umberlight - New & Hot!
by Alexis Fegan Black

A hot erotic male/male vampire tale with a wee bit of bdsm and just enough non-con to keep it interesting.


One Flame
Pretty tame - minimal sex scenes, or sex described in less explicit manner.

Two Flames
Getting hotter.  Multiple sex scenes, and sex described in explicit terms.

Three Flames
Time for a cold shower. While all our titles may be described as male/male erotica, our 3-flamers are more explicitly written.  No matter the number of flames, all our titles are tastefully presented erotica, crafted by established professional writers.

Try some of our samplers! K/S, Wiseguy, Blake's 7!

About the Authors

Editorial Services by Della Van Hise & Wendy Rathbone

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